The 7 Best Stretches for Knee Pain


A well-rounded exercise plan contains extra than simply the primary course: warm-ups, cool-downs, “pre-hab,” and restoration are very important too. And knee stretches are a easy element that many individuals are inclined to skip, even when they’ve knee ache.

Stretches for knee ache could be essential to incorporate in your health routine. That’s as a result of it’s truly fairly widespread for knee ache to occur as a consequence of weak spot in your hips, glutes, and decrease extremities.

Knee ache typically happens (or turns into worse) due to weak spot or tightness within the muscle tissues and tendons that connect with the knees—particularly, the hips, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and quads, Dan Giordano, DPT, CSCS, cofounder of Bespoke Therapies Bodily Remedy, tells SELF. Since they’re all linked and work collectively, when one is compromised, it impacts the others. Consider the muscle tissues out of your hips to your toes because the components of a protracted meeting line, all working collectively to assist assist your joints as you progress.

In fact, knee ache can occur due to harm too. For instance, runners are inclined to develop patellofemoral ache syndrome (referred to as runner’s knee), which causes a boring, achy ache within the kneecap when working uphill or going downstairs, as SELF beforehand reported. Should you expertise this sort of knee ache, or any knee ache that’s sharp, will get progressively worse, or comes with swelling or any sort of pop, you must see your physician or bodily therapist.

Constructing power within the areas that assist the knee joint is essential, since these muscle tissues may help cut back stress to the knee in addition to cut back shock to the joint. Energy strikes—particularly single-leg work—may help you deal with constructing power in a single hip at a time, which may help guard in opposition to power imbalances, as SELF beforehand reported. Attempt workouts just like the banded clamshell and banded monster walks. (This glute workout, as an example, contains additional emphasis on the often-neglected hip abductor muscle tissues, which embrace the gluteus medius and gluteus minimus.)

Nevertheless it’s not all about constructing power: Bettering your flexibility in that space could be useful too, which is why knee stretches are essential to incorporate in your health routine as effectively. In line with the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, stretching these areas you strengthen helps enhance your vary of movement and may stop harm.

“The vast majority of the muscle tissues that join on the knee begin on the hip,” Giordano explains. “So you must maintain the hips unfastened and robust first.”

The next stretches goal the hips and people different essential muscle tissues which are concerned in supporting your knees. Regardless of your exercise routine of alternative, these stretches will assist maintain the muscle tissues limber, unfastened, and able to do their job—which can higher defend your knees from taking up an excessive amount of impression and turning into strained.

Should you are inclined to expertise knee ache or discomfort as a consequence of tightness, Giordano suggests doing the next stretches every single day, plus after each time you’re employed out. Maintain every for 30 seconds to a minute, relying on how tight you might be.

Demoing the strikes under are Jessica Rihal (pictures 1, 2, 3, and seven), a plus-sized yoga teacher (200-HR) and a powerful advocate of health/wellness for all our bodies, and Stefanie Steel (pictures four and 5), a health teacher.


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